Your mission in Alegra🚀

Your mission will be to identify and prioritize the improvements and new updates that need to be made within the different products, regarding compliance with the standard, in order for them to be included in the organization's key objectives and results in the bi-monthly planning.

Additionally, you will need to document the change or new functionality definitions according to the standard, its impact, and scope. You should also stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory milestones in each version/country where we have operations. For this, it is important to research and identify new regulatory opportunities in any country worldwide. Quantify the size of the opportunity and document the scope and requirements if necessary. Lastly, and equally important, you will lead a young team, improve workflows with other departments, work on the budget, and contribute to the growth plan of the area.

What will be your challenges?

  • Accompany Product and Engineering leaders in scheduled meetings where topics regarding the changes to be implemented are discussed and optimal solutions are sought to ensure that the development and new functionality continue to meet Alegra's main objective as an accounting and management system, which is to be "easy and intuitive to use.
  • Document step by step the functioning of new features related to regulations, as well as provide detailed information for each functionality in the issues created in Asana for execution.
  • Improve workflows with other departments (Product, Finance).
  • Stay updated on the team's needs and development (training, attendance to events, career plan).

    The best talent is challenged, are you interested? Keep reading 👇

    What do we expect from you?


    • Graduate or advanced student in accounting or related fields, or technical studies, or completion of specialized courses related to the area.
    • Experience in leading teams (more than 3 people).
    • Interest in research.
    • Knowledge of accounting systems.
    • Good learning ability.
    • Willingness to learn about regulations in other countries.
    • English level: intermediate/high.
    • Solid foundation in IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).


    • Basic knowledge of UBL standard (Universal Business Language) standard.
    • Excellent proficiency in accounting records and financial statement construction.
    • Basic knowledge of tax accounting and commercial law.
    • Proficiency in Google Suite / Figjam / Asana.

    Benefits with Alegra ✅

    • Work from wherever you want, 100% remote, doing what you love. ❤️
    • A stable and long-term employment relationship ❤️, not freelance!
    • A competitive salary.
    • Sharing with talent that transcends borders 🗺️.
    • Spaces to socialize and share interests.
    • An environment to experiment, learn from mistakes, and work with autonomy but with a lot of commitment and responsibility.💡
    • Turn reading into your best ally for learning 📖 with access to educational platforms, certified courses, training, and a virtual library.
    • Health coverage 🩺 and two days of care per year, in addition to your vacation.
    • Financial support to take your workspace to the next level. 💪💻
    • Celebrate your birthday with a special dinner 🥳.
    • Being in a place that focuses on growing while you do, offering wellness programs and quality of life talks. 🚀


      How does your story begin in Alegra?

      The only way to improve in something is to challenge oneself. At Alegra, we believe in continuous improvement, and we know that the best talent we can find is the one that does so. You will surely have many learning experiences in this process. We are interested in talents who want to grow with us and connect with our culture.

      1. Send us your updated CV, taking into account your skills and how they relate to the position.
      2. We want to get to know you! Send us a video and a written piece where you tell us more about yourself.
      3. Let's build more confidence. Have a conversation with our Talent team while enjoying a coffee (or your favorite beverage); we will tell you why we love working at Alegra.
      4. Meet your leaders and the evaluation team.
      5. Complete the psychometric tests to get to know you better and see how you would fit into the role.
      6. If you join the team, we will be more than happy. We will send you the formal offer and agree on the start date.

      Do you have any more questions?

      1. How long does the selection process take? ⏰

        In Alegra, we like to get to know the people who will join our team very well. We take the time to carefully evaluate each deliverable, challenge, and conversation. We want you to feel confident and get to know us before making a decision. That's why we have an estimated timeframe of two to four weeks, starting from your conversation with the Talent team.

        2. I haven't received any response or feedback from the Talent team about my process

        Please check your different email folders: inbox, spam, social, promotions. We aim to provide feedback at each stage. If you haven't received a response, you can reach out to us. We will be attentive to answer your concerns, questions, or difficulties in the process.

        3. What should I do if I encounter any issues in completing a part of the process? 😭

          If you have any issues attending the conversations, please reach out to us. We are here to assist you.

          Go from having homework to doing lovework. Let's take it to another level! 🚀